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DPR Compares RI Vs China Fast Trains: We Are Faster-Quiet

In front of the Minister of Transportation (Menhub) Budi Karya Sumadi, Member of Commission V DPR RI from the Gerindra faction, Mulyadi appreciated the Jakarta Bandung Fast Train (KCJB) Whoosh. Not only appreciating, Mulyadi also compared the fast trains in Indonesia with the fast trains in China.

Mulyadi said he was surprised that the Whoosh fast train could be faster, more comfortable and quieter than the fast train in the bamboo curtain country. He compared his opportunity to try the fast train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.

“I was surprised, it turns out we are faster, we are more comfortable, we are quieter (compared to fast trains in China). I think that should be appreciated and I really see that our speed is above theirs,” said Mulyadi at the Minister of Transportation’s Working Meeting with the Commission V DPR RI, Tuesday (7/11/2023).

Mulyadi said he had tried the Whoosh fast train many times as part of the evaluation. From the results of his evaluation, he found that access to the Whoosh high-speed train station was slow, especially connectivity to Padalarang Station, which is a congested area or has traffic jams.

“I actually tried it several times as part of the evaluation, it turned out that access to the fast train was slow. So connectivity to Padalarang station in particular, it’s a congested area,” he said.

With the slowdown in connectivity to Padalarang Station, Mulyadi complained that he had missed the Whoosh fast train, because as is known the Whoosh fast train is always on time according to the departure schedule.
“I also appreciate the fast train being on schedule, on time. I was like in the film, sir, just arrived at Padalarang Station but I saw the train was already running. But that was the result of access to the fast train being an anomaly, it couldn’t be predicted. I saw it in Google Maps was still 10 minutes away, but as it got closer I was left behind,” he said.

Furthermore, Mulyadi said, his journey from Padalarang to Jakarta by Whoosh fast train only took 24 minutes.

“And I felt for myself, the leadership, it turned out that from Padalarang to Jakarta it was only 24 minutes, it was amazing that I arrived early for a meeting in Jakarta, I thought it was 40 minutes but it turned out to be 24 minutes,” he said.

Responding to this, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said that his party would intensify the feeders to the Whoosh fast train station.

“We will intensify the feeders. In Jakarta it is relatively good, the worst thing is in Karawang which doesn’t exist yet, if in Tegalluar it is not optimal, we will maximize it there,” said Budi on the same occasion.

Source: CNBC