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Election in Indonesia is Hard to Intervene: Jokowi

Indonesian President Joko Widodo denied claims that elections in Indonesia were easy to intervene or there was intervention from other parties.

Jokowi, as the president is widely known, noted that 840 thousand polling stations (TPS) were spread from Aceh to Papua and monitored by several witnesses.

“Many people say that our elections are easy to intervene in. What kind of intervention? There are many witnesses from the parties at every TPS and also officers at the location,” he stated at the opening of the 2023 National Coordination Meeting for Election Organizers in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The large number of witnesses from each party at the stations shows that the elections in Indonesia are very open, as they can be monitored by anyone, including the public, media, and other parties, he remarked.

“No one should try to intervene because it will be very difficult to do. There are many witnesses at each TPS,” he emphasized.

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Jokowi stated that the 2024 Election will become the largest democratic party to be ever held in Indonesia, with 840 thousand polling stations spread across from Aceh to Papua.

According to him, the challenge to implement the 2024 elections is also huge since the organizers must ensure that election governance is accountable and has integrity, along with its distribution and security mechanisms.

Hence, Jokowi called on related parties, such as the General Elections Commission, General Election Supervisory Agency, General Elections Organizer Honorary Council (DKPP), and regional inspection teams, to have the courage to control and monitor every aspect that can potentially disrupt the democratic process.

Moreover, he also called on the council to innovate and pay heed to the voices of the people for a conducive, safe, and peaceful political situation.

“I ask everyone here to prepare everything in detail. Everything must be checked, supervised, and monitored in the field. If possible, use the latest technology because the budget has increased by 200 percent for DKPP,” he stated.

Source: ANTARA News