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Yaser Arafat: Digital Development, Golden Opportunities for the Golden Generation, Towards an Advanced Indonesia. Stop Being a Follower!

Digital developments have opened up great opportunities in various fields, including business, education, health and entertainment and many more. One of them is that the world of marketing has experienced significant changes in recent years. The development of digital technology has created exciting new opportunities, especially for the younger generation. In this era, young people have a golden opportunity to develop in the digital marketing field.

Digital marketing has become the backbone of company marketing strategies around the world. This change is primarily driven by increased use of the internet, social media, and mobile devices. Today’s young people have grown up with this technology and have a deep understanding of how to interact with online audiences.

According to Yaser Arafat, SM, MM who is the Founder and CEO of PT. Digital Creative Pro when he was a Guest Lecturer at the Faculty of Vocational Studies, University of North Sumatra, “Opportunities in digital marketing are not just about working in digital marketing agencies or large companies. Young people can become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses, take advantage of digital technology to develop products or services and this is a golden opportunity for the young generation. There are no limits for the young generation to develop in today’s digital era, take advantage of this moment, don’t just act as a users or followers, take part and create that opportunity.

The opportunities for young people in digital marketing are enormous. The following are some of the abilities that the younger generation must have in today’s digital marketing development:

  1. Ability to Create Quality Content: Young people have creativity and a strong understanding of what attracts an online audience. They can create high-quality content that can inspire and connect.
  2. Analytical Skills: The younger generation is generally very skilled at interpreting data. This is an important element in digital marketing, and they can take advantage of this capability to optimize campaigns.
  3. Social Media Skills: Young people have grown up with social media, and they can understand the dynamics of these platforms well. They can build a strong brand presence on these platforms.
  4. Innovation and Flexibility: The ability to adapt to rapid changes in the digital environment is essential. Young people are generally more innovative and flexible in dealing with these changes.

Future leaders in marketing are young people who are bold, creative, and connected to the digital world. These opportunities not only benefit them personally but also contribute positively to economic growth and business development.

PT. Digital Creative Pro is present as a company that operates in the field of digital creative services to meet company needs in order to maximize the company’s business and carry out digital marketing and branding transformation. We are known as #yourbrandsbestie, this company is managed by Creative Savvy, young professionals who are full of creativity and innovation. Creative Pro has been established since 2021 in response to current digital developments, said Yaser Arafat, SM, MM, CEO of PT. Digital Creative Pro delivered during the #studywithsiraraf session

All young generations from various fields must have digital marketing competency to be able to compete in an industry that is completely digital. For those who want to learn more about digital marketing, there are various online courses, seminars and resources that can help you understand the basics. and the latest trends.

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