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Remember November Music Festival, Unforgettable End of Year Music Performance

Remember November Music Festival, Day Two, has ended, at around 23.00 WIB, at the same time Vina Panduwinata disappeared behind a magnificent stage full of sparkling lights.

“Thank you Jakarta, see you at Remember next November,” shouted Mama Ina, at the end of her performance with the millennial generation.

Mama Ina’s collaboration with millennial singers Novia Bachmid, Electrooby and Ibeth Estrya, closed with an unforgettable performance, until next year, when Remember November, was held for the second time.

In contrast to Day One, Remember November Day Two, the weather at the Prakrir Timur Senayan venue was much friendlier from the performance of ‘Gondal Gandul’, ‘Lalahuta’, Aldy Taher and Friends’, and ‘DMasiv’ feat Aldy Taher, in the afternoon, until midnight.

“Thank God, I can share my happiness with DMasive with the audience,” said Aldy Taher, after the show, with a more serious attitude. He also introduced all the band members who supported his performance.

After Maghrib, the venue became increasingly crowded with spectators, who looked more cheerful, because the weather was very favorable. Different from the heavy rain the previous day.

The magnificent stage looked dashing, with a powerful sound system from DSS Sound and lighting from Lemon ID, thundering loudly when MC Sandy Andarusman and Adit Insomnia, called Armand Maulana, Dewa Budjana, Thomas Ramdhan and Hendy.

Gigikita, a GIGI fan, who was positioned at the back of the festival, moved closer to the festival area, during the song
Indonesia resounds. Stand tall looking up to the Jakarta sky until “Long live Indonesia Raya”.

Without further ado, GIGI stepped on the gas with the numbers ‘Terbang’ ‘Peace of Love’, ‘My Facebook’, ‘Yang T’lah Berlalu (Nirwana)’ and the song ‘Janji’, with its distinctive drum beat. The audience is invited to jump up and down happily.

Armand never stops releasing GenZ dictions, so that the atmosphere of their music is related to the audience. The momentum broke when ‘January 11’ was sung solemnly. Chorus, until the end of the song.

You can see the food booths, on either side of the venue, empty. Those who were eating, rushed to the festival area to join the other spectators, when King Nassar, appeared charming with his “coquetry”.

All the dangdut songs were completely destroyed, even though they only reached the chorus. “Dangdut Coffee’, ‘First View’, until the peak when Nassar sang ‘Like a Dead Light’, a song written by Pasha Ungu, which became Nassar’s signature.

In the middle of the song, Nassar paused, while calling Ian Kasela, vocalist of ‘Radja’, to finish ‘Like a Blackout’.

The stage set changes concept. Radja’s turn. But Nassar didn’t move.

“I want to sing my favorite song with the owner, Radja!!!” shouted Nassar. The song ‘Honest’ soared, followed by the song ‘Tulus’, until Nassar said goodbye. Ian Kasela, Moldy and Seno, continued the fun of the festival with their best work.

“Did you bring Cinderella? Bring it, okay? But will you be sued or not? 20 billion, you know… Well, that’s it, just bring it,” shouted Ian Kencang, at the same time as Cinderella’s intro sounded nimble.

It’s the turn of the seagull, Vina Panduwinata.

The crowd lingered, as the night wore on. Mama Ina’s fans came closer to the front of the stage. The song ‘Surat Cinta’ hit the ears of the audience, which was dominated by the Millennial Generation and GenZ.

“This song is a song from the era when your mother was still young. And looking at you, I feel still young,” said Vina, as she started greeting her fans.

When the music flows, the LED displays every courtesy of Vina Panduwinata’s hit songs, both TVRI’s ‘Aneka Ria Safari’ collection, private TV station programs and old video clips from Vina’s personal collection.

‘Seagull’, ‘In My Chest There is You’, ‘September Ceria’ and ‘Cinta’, with a number of other hits.

Vina, not alone. He feels it is important to involve musicians and singers across generations. There is the Golden Voice Novia ‘Idol’ Bachmid, FI[e]RYX, Ibeth Estrada and also Electrooby.

The audience sang a long again, amidst the collaboration between Vina and Novia Bachmid, in the romantic song ‘Aku Makin Cinta’. Their happy faces were heard in the sparkling lights, guns smoke, guns fire, from the stunning Lemon ID vendors for two nights in a row.

Their collaboration is the ultimate proof of that. Remember November Music Festival, as an unforgettable year-end musical performance, until next year. (Eka)

Source: Indonesia News