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895 Companies, 100 MSMEs from 20 Countries Participate in the Krista Exhibitions Exhibition

The largest international food and beverage exhibition in Indonesia, the 24th SIAL InterFood, has officially opened. This activity will take place from 8 – 11 November 2023 which will be held in conjunction with the Seafood Show Asia Expo 2023 and INAShop Expo 2023 at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran.

The 24th SIAL InterFood was welcomed by the Ministry of Trade because of Jakarta’s role as the host city for this year’s food and beverage exhibition.

“The selection of Indonesia as one of the countries hosting SIAL Interfood is a form of recognition that our country has the potential for a food and beverage product industry that is taken into account on the global stage. “Apart from Jakarta, SIAL Network also holds similar exhibitions in several business cities in the world,” said Director General of Export Development at the Ministry of Trade, Didi Sumedi.

A total of 895 companies including 100 MSMEs and participants from 20 countries participated in the exhibition organized by Krista Exhibitions.

Krista Exhibition CEO Daud D. Salim said “the annual SIAL InterFood 2023 exhibition was held again and experienced an increase of 20% in participants compared to 2022. In addition, there were around 100 participants from micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) who took part in the exhibition This can expand your network and increase your business to go international.

“This exhibition also provides a complete platform to connect exhibition participants and visitors, complemented by a Business Matching session so that food and beverage industry players can connect with each other and capture new potential to develop their business,” explained Daud D Salim when delivering his speech at the Sial opening event. InterFood 2023 in hall D2 Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran.

General Chair of the Indonesian Food and Beverage Producers Association (GAPMMI), Adhi S. Lukman delivered his speech at the opening of SIAL InterFood 2023, always welcoming and supporting PT. Krista Exhibitions in initiating the SIAL Interfood 2023 Exhibition, which was held at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran.

In 2023, GAPMMI will include 17 fostered IKMs as a form of support for the national programs Indonesia Spice Up The World and Proudly Made in Indonesia, where in these two national programs, GAPMMI is one of the coordinators.

“It is hoped that through this exhibition, GAPMMI-assisted IKM business actors can get many potential buyers and of course can gain positive benefits for the progress of their business,” said Adhi S. Lukman.

Collaborating with various organizations, associations, experts in the leading food and beverage industry, chefs, as well as practitioners in the culinary and gastronomic fields of international standard and various interesting programs that will be presented such as “Sial Innovation” is an event program that gives the highest awards to SIAL participants InterFood 2023 for the best innovation for food and beverage products and supporting industries, such as packaging and processing.

The winning products will be displayed in all SIAL exhibition networks, such as in France, China, Canada, India, China and the Middle East.

The visitors were also treated to a cooking competition organized by the Association of Cullinary Professionals (ACP) which was attended by more than 600 participants entitled La Cuisine 2023, an interesting program from the Indonesia Coffee Art Battle (ICAB) and the Sial Interfood Roasting Competition (SIROC) which invited industry players. homeland coffee, Esperto Barista Workshop, La Cuisine Pastrie, Gelato Workshop by Espresso Italy, GAPMMI Seminar, Seminar from IPF, LPPOM MUI, KAN.

The SIAL InterFood 2023 exhibition aims to revive the potential of the Indonesian food and beverage industry.

The Sial Interfood Exhibition is the right exhibition to promote Indonesian food and drinks which have the potential to be known to foreign markets.

When visiting the exhibition, visitors will be presented with many variations such as processed foods made from milk and cheese, meat and processed meats, fish, seafood, fruit, vegetables, tea, sugar, chocolate, fitness and health foods and drinks, frozen foods , ice cream, gelato, pizza, organic food, canned ready-to-eat food, bakery ingredients, to food and alcoholic drinks.

Not only that, visitors to the SIAL InterFood 2023 exhibition can also find a number of tools to support the culinary business, such as baking machines and packaging.

Thanks to the support of the Indonesian Government through the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia, the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia together with the support of various leading associations such as the Association of Food and Beverage Producers (GAPMMI), the Indonesian Licensing Association (ASENSI), Association of Culinary Professionals (ACP), Association of Indonesian Fishery Product Processing and Marketing Entrepreneurs (AP5I), Indonesian Cold Chain Association (ARPI), Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Association (Aprindo), Association of Indonesian Tea Artists (ARTI), Indonesian Coffee Council (DEKOPI ), the Indonesian Coffee Exporters Association (AEKI), the Association of Indonesian Coffee Farmers and Activists (Indonesian Coffee Association ASKI), the Indonesian Packaging Federation (IPF) are the parameters for the success of SIAL Inter Food 2023.

The SIAL Interfood 202 3 exhibition will be open from Wednesday Saturday, 10.00 19.00 WIB and is open to the public. Every visitor who wants to enter the exhibition arena will be charged a registration fee of IDR 150,000. That way, visitors will get access for four days in all Sial Interfood 2023 exhibition halls. (Eka)

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