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Gibran Invites Students to Be Entrepreneurs, Offers Millennial Startup Credit Program

Candidate for vice president (bacawapres) Gibran Rakabuming invited students to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Gibran offers its flagship program, namely millennial start-up credit.

This was conveyed by Gibran when he was a speaker at the ‘Chat with Mas Gibran with Gen Z and Millennials’ event at the Darmajaya Institute of Informatics and Business campus, Lampung, Saturday (11/10/2023). Gibran also distributed his book entitled ‘Mayor of Karbitan’ to a number of students at the location.

“Do you know about Micro Business Credit? KUR you already know, the main thing is that later you will learn, you can get capital from anywhere,” said Gibran.

Gibran said there are a number of government credit programs that can be accessed. He also touched on his flagship program as vice presidential candidate in 2024.

“Mekar, ultra-micro credit, micro waqf, yesterday I added another millennial start-up credit. Earlier there were digital startups that could be accessed too,” he said.

The Mayor of Solo then invited students to use social media to create businesses. He encouraged students to actively promote their businesses through social media.

“Basically, you have to be grateful. You all have social media, right? That’s your initial capital, often promoting the products you want to sell,” he said.

“So social media is not for teasing, for gossiping and showing off, etc. Later you try to start selling. You have to take advantage of it. Have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok. Basically, when you start selling, you have an idea, start consulting with your lecturer. -your lecturers,” added Gibran.

Gibran also invited students to contact him via social media regarding entrepreneurial capital. He hopes that young people will be able to create jobs after graduating from college.

“Later, if the product is good, the campus will support capital, later if it’s not enough, the government will also provide capital. Later, if there is anything you can contact my cellphone number on Instagram,” said Gibran.

“Do you have any criticism, especially young people, please give me input via WhatsApp number. So that when young people graduate they can create jobs,” he stressed.

Source: Detik news