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Shuttle Buses Ferry U-17 Team Supporters to GBT Stadium

Fans of the Indonesia team on Friday crowded the east side of Surabaya City Hall on Sedap Malam Street to take shuttle buses to Gelora Bung Tomo (GBT) Stadium, the U-17 World Cup venue.

Surabaya City Hall regional coordinator Darwanto told ANTARA here on Friday that a total of 22 shuttle buses had been prepared to transport supporters to the match venue.

“Each of the (buses) has one companion officer from the Transportation Office,” he said.

The U-17 World Cup shuttle operation started at 12 p.m. local time and ended at 1:40 p.m. local time, he informed.

In addition to the 22 buses, his side also added 3 buses from bus rapid transit TransJatim and 6 large buses.

“Each big bus has a capacity of 55 passengers, and the TransJatim bus can carry 30 passengers,” he informed.

The shuttle buses departed from Surabaya City Hall, then took the Dupak Toll Road, exited through the Romokalisasi II Toll Gate, and then went straight to GBT Stadium.

After dropping passengers at GBT, each shuttle bus went back to the initial pick-up point.

“The bus that starts from the City Hall will return to the City Hall. The ones from the Joyoboyo Intermodal Terminal will return to the terminal. The shuttle continues to circulate,” Darwanto said.

The shuttle bus service aimed to help supporters access the GBT Stadium because FIFA required the Ring 1 area to be sterile, he added.

“The bus companion directed the supporters so that they did not get on the wrong bus. They had to take the same bus to return to their departure point,” he said.

One of the match spectators, Agus Suryadi, said that the shuttle bus made access to the GBT Stadium easier.

“My wife and children were really assisted by the bus,” he added.

Source: Antara News