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Banyuwangi Holds Coffee Festival in Kemiren Traditional Village

Banyuwangi Regency is known as one of Indonesia’s coffee producing areas that it often holds coffee festivals. One of them is the annual ‘Ngopi Sepuluh Ewu’ Festival held in the Kemiren Traditional Tourism Village, Glagah District.

This festival, which translates to ‘Ten Thousand Coffee’, is held to stimulate the coffee-based creative economic sector in the easternmost regency of East Java.

“Banyuwangi has great coffee potential, and many young people are working on the business with attractive packaging. This festival is an opportunity to promote Banyuwangi coffee to national and international markets,” Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk said on Sunday, November 5, 2023.

In the Ngopi Sepuluh Ewu tradition, the residents of Kemiren Banyuwangi Traditional Tourism Village serves coffee in their front yard of their houses along a 2-kilometers street. Out on the street, people are dressed in traditional Osing clothes as villagers serve coffee to guests in special cups that have been passed down from generations.

The coffee served varies, from Arabica, Robusta, to house blend. A variety of traditional snacks are also provided. The festival attracts thousands of people who crowded the main street of Kemiren Village to enjoy coffee served by the Osing tribe community.

The Ngopi Sepuluh Ewu Festival also attracts foreign tourists. One of them Patrick O’Brien from Ireland. “This is an extraordinary experience. I can taste delicious and numerous types of Indonesian coffee, as well as feel the friendliness and warmth of the residents of Kemiren Village,” he said.

Source: Tempo.co