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Charting a New Frontier: PPI Dunia Export School Shapes Future Trade Trailblazers

In a historic move, over 500 Indonesian students worldwide, members of the Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesiaor (PPI Dunia), have embarked on the first wave of the Export School program. Launched on November 10, 2023, a date symbolic as Indonesian Heroes’ Day, the program aims to shape these students into future export heroes.

The program is a collaborative effort between PPI Dunia’s Directorate of Business Innovation and Export School, with a mission to empower Indonesian students abroad as export ambassadors in their respective host countries.

The program seeks to leverage the students’ market knowledge acquired during their studies and cultivate potential future exporters for Indonesia.

The event kicked off with addresses from Radya Mahardika, Director of Inbis PPI Dunia, and Handito Joewono, Head of Export School. Alfajri Salim, General Manager of Export School, introduced the program’s modules and curriculum.

Roberto Evans, Program Head of PPI Dunia Export School, currently studying in Beijing, assured participants that the program’s flexibility in accessing materials would accommodate the diverse time zones of the members in 65 countries.

“Flexibility has been our guiding principle since the inception of the collaboration between PPI Dunia and Export School. With this program, we guarantee it won’t disrupt the learning schedules of our members,” Roberto explained.

The high-quality learning modules, ease of material access, and flexible study schedules within contributed to the overwhelming response from prospective participants.

Safira Nur Hayani, MICE Specialist at Inbis PPI Dunia and a member of the participant selection team, expressed the challenging task of selecting participants for the first wave due to the enthusiasm generated since the program’s inauguration in October.

“As the inaugural class coincides with Heroes’ Day, our hope as the selection team is that the chosen participants will collectively become economic heroes for Indonesia through the path of export,” Safira, an Indonesian student based in Egypt said.

The first wave of the export scholl spans one month, featuring eight learning modules accessible through the platform. These modules cover crucial aspects such as Export Research and Strategy, Product Development, Branding and Marketing, Business Matching, Payment and Documentation, Export Logistic, Cross Border Customs, and Continuous Improvement.

The program stands as a key initiative of the Cabinet of Successful Indonesian Students at PPI Dunia, aiming to nurture export ambassadors for a economically self-reliant Indonesia.

Source: Times Indonesia