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YAI Higher Education Institution Has Graduated 68,703 Students

The Indonesian Administrative Foundation Higher Education Institute (LPT YAI) has graduated a total of 68,703 alumni who are spread throughout the service and work in various private and government agencies. In fact, there are those who are successful as entrepreneurs in city centers, regions and abroad.

This number is in addition to the 878 graduates from the 40th graduation for the YAI Accounting Academy, the 36th graduation for the YAI College of Economics, and the 33rd graduation for the YAI Persada Indonesia University from graduates of the D3, S1, Master’s and Master’s Programs. Profession, and S3.

Chairman of YAI 1972, Prof. Yudi Yulius stated, of the total 68,703 alumni who had graduated, 38,319 were graduates from Persada Indonesia University (UPI) YAI, 17,198 were graduates from STIE YAI, and 13,186 were graduates from the YAI Accounting Academy.

“Of the 878 new graduates who graduated, there were 22 people who graduated with the best achievements in academics, namely graduates with the highest GPA and length of study on time at a certain level of education,” said Prof. Yudi in his statement, Sunday (12/11/2023). Chancellor of UPI YAI, Prof. Sri Indriyati congratulated all graduates and graduate students who have successfully completed their education at the YAI Higher Education Institution.

He emphasized that the YAI Higher Education Institution has demonstrated extraordinary achievements in the academic field which is proven through the productivity and achievements that have been achieved.

Apart from that, this institution has also succeeded in fostering collaborative relationships with a number of industrial partners, universities and government institutions in the country. In fact, in line with one of the visions related to internationalization, YAI Higher Education Institutions have developed intensive collaboration with various institutions abroad.

Through MBKM, creating superior human resources, Prof. admitted, since the implementation of the national Independent Campus Learning Program (MBKM) in the Even Semester 2020/2021, more than 302 UPI YAI students have actively participated in the MBKM Program.

This program includes various activities such as Campus Teaching Program, Internship, Independent Study, Student Exchange, National Defense, Entrepreneurship, and Teaching Practitioner. The same thing also applies to STIE YAI students, who participate in the MBKM Program through Campus Teaching, Student Exchange, Internships, Humanitarian Projects and Entrepreneurship activities.

Source: kompas.com