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A Woman Tricked DKI DPRD Legislative Candidates, Her Method Was to Promise Billions of Rupiah in Loans Without Collateral

Tambora Police arrested a woman with the initials NZ (52) who deceived DKI DPRD legislative candidates (candidates), Sunday (5/11/2023). Tambora Police Chief Kompol Putra Pratama said that NZ promised to lend billions of rupiah without collateral to the victim with the initials M (58).

NZ and M are known to have known each other since 2014 because they were volunteers for a political party. To the victim, NZ admitted that he knew a financier from Solo, Central Java, who wanted to lend him money. “On condition of submitting a proposal, paying the cost of purchasing a suitcase which will be used as a money storage container, and paying the cost of purchasing a money counting machine,” said Putra when confirmed, Monday (13/11/2023).

Each suitcase, continued Putra, was promised to be filled with IDR 5 billion. “The perpetrator promised to provide loan funds without collateral with details that DPRD legislative candidates could borrow up to IDR 30 billion, DPR RI legislative candidates up to IDR 50 billion, and regent or mayoral candidates up to IDR 60 billion,” he explained.

With the promise of providing a loan of tens of billions of rupiah, the perpetrator persuaded the victim to transfer IDR 23 million. The perpetrator also admitted to meeting financiers in Solo, even though the meeting did not take place. Two weeks later, four suitcases containing the long-awaited Rp. 20 billion in cash were not received by the victim.

In fact, the victim had already transferred the Rp. 23 million requested by the perpetrator. “When victim M asked for the loan money from the perpetrator NZ, he always answered to wait patiently,” said Putra.

M then reported the fraud he experienced to the Tambora Police Headquarters. Based on the results of the investigation, said Putra, NZ also deceived the DPR RI legislative candidates. The DPR RI legislative candidate with the initials B has even transferred IDR 200 million. “NZ also explained that there were many other legislative candidates who were victims of this plot, brought in by brokers or other brokers,” he said.

Now, the perpetrator has been arrested at the Tambora Police Headquarters. For his actions, NZ was charged with Article 378 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) and/or Article 372 of the Criminal Code concerning Fraud and/or Embezzlement, with the threat of up to four years in prison.

Source: Kompas.com