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GSK Invites the Public to Increase Awareness about Vaccination

IN commemoration of the 59th National Health Day, PT Glaxo Wellcome Indonesia (GSK) invites the public to better understand the importance of vaccination through the ‘Let’s Get Vaccinated’ educational campaign. The campaign was promoted at the Car Free Day event in Jakarta on Sunday (12/11).

The spread of covid-19 during the pandemic became the basis for creating this campaign so that people understand the devastating impact of a large-scale infectious disease outbreak on ourselves, our families and friends at all ages. Protection against diseases that can be prevented with vaccines is more relevant than before. Apart from educating the public about the importance of vaccination, GSK also launched the latest digital public education media on Instagram via the @ayokitavaksin account, on Facebook via the ‘Let’s Get Vaccinated’ page, and TikTok with the @ayokitavaksin account .id.

President Director & General Manager of GSK Indonesia, Manish Munot said, “Vaccination has been proven to be one of the greatest health interventions because it has saved millions of lives. With high birth rates, a demographic dividend and an aging population in Indonesia in the future, increasing public understanding of the benefits of vaccination is necessary to achieve better public health. “It is hoped that the digital education platform ‘Let’s Get Vaccinated’ can increase public awareness of the importance of vaccination for all age groups.”

“Vaccination is important for disease prevention for children and adults. Health education must meet the elements of sustainability (continuous), be simultaneous and be aimed equally at all levels of society.

“This aims to ensure that the importance of vaccination to prevent various diseases can be better understood by the public,” added Manish. During the campaign event, there was also a Health Talk session and was presented by Dr. Deliana Permatasari MM as Medical Director of Vaccines GSK Indonesia.

He said that over the last few years, public perception of the role of vaccines in protecting themselves from the burden of diseases that can have serious impacts on health has changed. “Currently, vaccines are available to prevent more than 20 life-threatening diseases and help individuals of all ages to live longer and healthier.

“Immunization currently prevents 3.5-5 million deaths every year due to diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, influenza, hepatitis A&B and pneumonia,” explained Deliana. “The existence of the ‘Come on We Vaccine’ platform is expected to contribute to building awareness of the importance of vaccines to fight disease infections caused by viruses that can attack all ages, ranging from influenza, hepatitis, to pertussis. (Z-6)

Source: Media Indonesia