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Reasons Why Cell Phone Signal Disappears When It Rains and Electricity Goes Out, is There a Solution?

A number of netizens highlighted that cellphone signals were difficult or lost during heavy rain and power outages. This was initially shared by netizens via the X account (formerly Twitter) @convomfs, Saturday (11/11/2023). In his upload, netizens said that there was a cellular provider that had no signal when it rained and the electricity went out.

The upload was then replied to by other netizens. Many agree that cell phone signals are often lost during rainstorms and power outages. The owner of the @zweitheart account admitted that his cellphone using one provider became slower when it rained.

the reason it’s difficult to get a signal when it rains and the power goes out Technology and cyber security expert from Akuncom, Alfons Tanujaya, confirmed that cell phone signals can be lost when it rains and the power goes out. Raindrops, lightning or thick clouds can disrupt the distribution of electricity from the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) pole to the cellphone.

However, this condition does not significantly interfere with the signal. “The only important thing to pay attention to is that when it rains, using a cellphone is vulnerable to lightning strikes if it is in an open area,” he said to Kompas.com, Monday (13/11/2023). On the other hand, Alfons said cellphone signals were more likely to be lost in conditions of power outages. This happened because the electricity cut off by PLN caused the BTS pole to lose the power to power it.

To overcome this, a spare battery is used as a substitute for a power source. “The signal with batteries will most likely not be as strong as if it uses electricity because of the savings settings (on the BTS pole battery),” he continued. According to him, the BTS pole battery will be saved to deal with the possibility of a power outage for too long or while waiting for the electric generator on the BTS pole to be turned on.

Solution for difficult signal when it rains. Furthermore, Alfons said, difficult signal conditions due to rain and power outages can actually be overcome by the provider.

Source: Kompas.com