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Demonstration Crowd That Rejects Coldplay is Now Moving to the Front of the DPR

The Geranati LGBT protestors who rejected the band Coldplay’s concert at Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) left Jalan Pemuda Gate, Senayan, South Jakarta, towards the DPR RI building. The traffic jam on Jalan Gatot Subroto is starting to break down.

Based on detikcom monitoring at the location, Wednesday (11/15/2023), the crowd moved to leave Jalan Pemuda Gate at 17.00 WIB. The crowd moved after hearing the Regional Police Chief guarantee that there would be no LGBT attributes at the Coldplay Jakarta concert.

Meanwhile, Coldplay concertgoers continued to arrive. They started to enter the area inside GBK. As a result, there was a buildup of vehicles in front of Gate 10 GBK.

Police continue to regulate traffic flow. The police also helped the group of spectators who wanted to cross into the GBK area.

At 17.30 WIB, the crowd opposing Coldplay arrived in front of the DPR building. The crowd was still giving speeches. Then the masses also performed the wrong Maghrib congregation.

Some of the masses sat in front of the DPR. Traffic conditions are jammed. Police stand guard in front of the DPR building.

Previously, the action point was near the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Then the crowd shifted to entrance 10 GBK. There the masses remained and representatives of the demonstrators were invited to tour the GBK area to check LGBT attributes.

Metro Jaya Regional Police Chief Inspector General Karyoto said that from the start, the Coldplay concert committee had ensured that there were no LGBT attributes. He said the masses would move to the DPR.

“Indeed, from the start, the committee agreed because Indonesia is sensitive in the social environment, so it’s no longer there. From the start, there were a lot of considerations with this, and their team also didn’t bring their flag,” said Karyoto.

Source: detik news