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Fatwa Supporting Palestine is a Revival for Domestic Products: MUI

Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) Secretary General, Amirsyah Tambunan, stated that MUI’s Fatwa Number 83 of 2023 concerning the Law on Support for the Palestinian Struggle is also a momentum for the revival of domestic products.

“With this fatwa, our domestic products can step up for the benefit of our people and nation. That is important,” he stated at a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday.

He made the statement to provide clarification to the public’s questions on the impact of losses in sales transactions for Israeli-affiliated products in Indonesia due to the influence of fatwa.

Tambunan noted that local entrepreneurs in Indonesia also have good products that can be a substitute for Israeli-affiliated products in Indonesia.

“There are many local products with good quality. This can be their momentum to arise and also to boost the economic sovereignty of our people and nation,” he remarked.

According to Tambunan, MUI is not responsible for explaining the fate of Israeli-affiliated products that are currently experiencing a downward trend in purchases.

“What about the fate of Israeli-affiliated products in Indonesia? That is not the MUI’s job to explain,” he emphasized.

He highlighted that Israel’s military aggression in Gaza, Palestine, is a war crime that has causes and consequences.

“The fact that more than 12 thousand Palestinians were killed is not comparable to our boycott act to Israeli-affiliated products. Where is the conscience of those who started the war?” Tambunan stated.

Moreover, he urged the public to understand the fatwa issued by the MUI as a consequence of the crimes against humanity that occurred in Gaza.

Earlier, on November 10, the MUI had issued a fatwa stating that buying products from companies supporting Israel’s aggression in Palestine is haram.

This fatwa is a form of commitment to support the Palestinian people’s struggle for independence and also resistance to Israeli aggression and efforts to exterminate humanity, Tambunan remarked.

Source: Antara Indonesia News Agency