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Human Development Index Rises but is Still Lame

Indonesia’s Human Development INDEX (HDI) in 2023 will increase by 0.84% from 73.77 in 2022 to 74.39. However, this increase is still accompanied by wide disparities in HDI in a number of regions.

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reports that the HDI inequality can be seen from the achievements obtained by DKI Jakarta Province and Papua Province. The index gap between the two provinces even reached 20.54 points.

“The current inequality in human development shows that in DKI Jakarta Province and Papua Province there is a very wide gap in human development,” said Deputy for Distribution Statistics and Services at the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Pudji Ismartini in a press conference, Wednesday (15/11)

BPS data shows that DKI Jakarta’s HDI is at 83.55 points, surpassing the national achievement and being in the province category with a very high HDI level. Meanwhile, Papua’s HDI was recorded at 63.01, which is in the medium category and below the national HDI achievement. The very high HDI category occurs if the HDI number is above 80. Apart from DKI Jakarta, DI Yogyakarta Province is another city that has an HDI in the category very high, namely 80.22.

A total of 28 provinces have an HDI in the high category with an HDI number ranging from more than 70 to less than 80. Four provinces are in the medium category with an HDI number ranging from more than 60 to less than 70. Even though it is still considered unequal, said Pudji, Indonesia’s HDI development continues to record progress. Since 2020, Indonesia’s human development status has been at a high level. During 2020-2023, Indonesia’s HDI will increase by an average of 0.72% per year.

The increase in HDI 2023 is supported by all its constituent dimensions, especially decent living standards and knowledge. There are two indicators experiencing accelerated growth, namely Expected Years of Schooling (HLS) by 0.38% to 13.15 years and real expenditure per capita by 3.66% to IDR 11,899,000. Life expectancy at birth (UHH) growth has slowed slightly , namely 0.31% to 73.93 years. Then the average length of school (RLS) growth also slowed, namely 0.92% to 8.77 years. (Z-2)

Source: Media Indonesia