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PCX Vs NMAX, Both Are Difficult to Play if You Don’t Understand the Technique

Traversing steep inclines does require its own technique. If, for example, you make a mistake, don’t look at the type of motorbike, you will have similar difficulties. For example, in the video uploaded by the Mountnesia Instagram account, several motorbikes can be seen crossing a steep incline in the Dieng area.

Write in the video “PCX vs Nmax Dieng, Boss!”, like pitting the reliability of the two motorbikes across an incline. Indeed, it was seen that there were Honda PCX and Yamaha NMax riders who experienced problems when crossing this incline. But other drivers were also able to safely overcome this challenge.

Head of Safety Riding Promotion Wahana Agus Sani said, when crossing a steep incline, the rider must get the right momentum, especially if using an automatic motorbike. “This means that our speed before going up must be maximum and our eyes can see far ahead to get information on a safe route to take so that we don’t have too much difficulty going uphill,” said Agus to Kompas.com, Wednesday (15/11/2023).

Then, choose a road that is not bumpy or potholes, so look for one that is smooth. The body position is slightly bent, to maintain the balance of the motorbike’s load when going up an incline.

“Don’t brake suddenly or brake frequently so that the motorbike’s speed doesn’t decrease. If the road is quiet like in the video, we can do a zigzag road to reduce the load on the motorbike’s engine when going uphill,” said Agus.

So the most important thing is to prepare your speed from the bottom of the incline, don’t go too slow either. Finally, the motorbike can traverse the incline safely and comfortably, without running out of momentum in the middle of the incline.

Source: Kompas.com