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Encourages Digital Transformation Acceleration, Lintas Teknologi Holds ‘Smart Society 5.0 for Indonesia’ Seminar

PT Lintas Teknologi Indonesia successfully held a seminar entitled “Smart Society 5.0 for Indonesia” which was held in the Ballroom, The Ritz-Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Thursday, November 23, 2023.

The agenda was carried out as one of Lintas Group’s efforts to open up opportunities towards a superior digital era, which provides benefits and positive implications for industry, individuals, and society. In the industrial sector, innovation is crucial to provide optimal solutions in overcoming various challenges faced by society.

For individuals, the application of the Society 5.0 concept has a significant impact on their way of thinking and behavior, both at the individual level and society as a whole.

The benefits for Indonesia include improving and optimizing the quality of public services, improving the quality of life and public welfare, and economic growth through the transformation of work and business patterns.

This in turn can have a positive effect on income.

President Director of PT Lintas Teknologi Indonesia Muhamad Paisol said the seminar discussed various topics, including digital innovation, sustainable business, big data and AI (Artificial Intelligence), and the crucial role of telecommunications companies in shaping Indonesia’s digital roadmap.

“We invite participants to gain more valuable insights and create a digitally smart future for Indonesia. That is, they can utilize and benefit from technological developments,” said Paisol.

Paisol further said that the seminar is a form of Lintas Group’s commitment as a supporter of ICT technology, to continue to encourage the acceleration of digital transformation in Indonesia. “We hope that through this seminar, the collaboration between industry sectors, business people, technology providers, and policymakers can give birth to various innovations in technology development and the digital economy ecosystem in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ir. Ismail, MT, as Director General of SDPPI, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology said, the Indonesian government provides full support for the efforts of various parties to build digital infrastructure more evenly and encourage digital leadership in Indonesia.

“Indonesia is fully committed to optimizing the growth of the digital ecosystem through various initiatives,” Ismail said in his presentation. Ismail added that collaboration can be the key to building Society 5.0.

“In this collaboration, the government must be good at being an orchestrator, and telecommunications service providers in terms of infrastructure must also run sustainably and be guaranteed to ensure infrastructure readiness. On the other hand, applications and creative solutions from our nation’s children must also grow quickly and precisely to support digital talents that will emerge from our young generation in the future.”

In addition to Dr. Ir. Ismail, MT, several figures who also became speakers, namely XL Axiata CEO Dian Siswarini, VP Network Strategic Collaboration and Settlement Telkomsel Awal Rachman Chalik, Regional Manager Amazon Web Services (AWS) Kees Lemmens, and Prince of Jaksel & Commisioner PT Trimegah Karya Pratama Tbk. Ranggaz Laksmana.