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ICONNET Users Reach 1 Million, PLN Icon Plus Internet Service Is Increasingly Popular

ICONNET has achieved extraordinary achievements in its 3rd year of presence in fixed broadband internet services in Indonesia. Since ICONNET was first introduced in 2021 until near the end of this year, Iconnet subscribers have reached the 1 million user mark.

The activation of the 1 millionth ICONNET customer was carried out by the President Director of PLN Icon PlusAri Rahmat Indra Cahyadi, witnessed by the President Commissioner of PLN Icon Plus, Hartanto Wibowo, and accompanied by the Director of Connectivity Business of PLN Icon Plus, Sigit Witjaksono, Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

Abdul Rahman (39), a resident of North Cipete, South Jakarta, became the 1 millionth ICONNET customer whose activation was carried out by PLN Icon Plus Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Jakarta & Banten.

President Director of PLN Icon Plus, Ari Rahmat Indra Cahyadi said that PLN Icon Plus, which comes with ICONNET service products, will continue to innovate and collaborate in infrastructure and technology development to improve the services provided.

“Service innovations are carried out such as providing internet bundling packages and smart home system services, even rooftop solar power plants to become smart and green solutions for the community,” Ari Rahmat said in a written statement, Wednesday, November 29, 2023.

Meanwhile, the Director of Corporate Planning and Business Development of PLN who is also the President Commissioner of PLN Icon Plus, Hartanto Wibowo expressed his appreciation for this achievement.

“Congratulations to ICONNET for reaching 1 million users. PLN encourages PLN Icon Plus as Subholding Beyond kWh to continue to improve services and product innovation, including the development of ICONNET in the future,” Hartanto said.

Abdul Rahman, who runs a laundry business, expressed his gratitude to PLN Icon Plus for the speed of service provided. He said he first learned about ICONNET from his brother who had used it before.

“The process is easy and very fast, within 1 day of applying, today I can enjoy ICONNET services,” Abdul said.

ICONNET services offer internet services with quality coverage throughout Indonesia. Through advanced broadband infrastructure, with the best quality that is consistently built, ICONNET succeeds in providing fast and stable internet access to its customers.

With so many people joining, ICONNET has certainly contributed to improving digital connectivity in various regions in Indonesia.

This achievement also shows that many Indonesians are increasingly relying on the internet as the main means of communicating, working, and accessing various digital services and ICONNET has been present to meet these needs.