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Olympics FACING the 2023 Kemenpora Cup Encourages Youth’s Fighting Spirit

The Indonesian Digi Preneur Youth Association or HADAPI, a community that cares for youth or the next generation in Indonesia, is collaborating with the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) to hold the 2023 Menpora Cup HADAPI Olympics on November 11-12 at Damyati GOR, Tangerang.

HADAPI said that the 2023 HADAPI Menpora Cup Olympics aims to unite and bind ties of brotherhood among Indonesian youth to train sportsmanship and competitiveness in the field of sports. The momentum of the Olympics also coincides with the commemoration of Heroes’ Day which falls on November 10.

Men and women athletes from East Java, West Java, Central Java, Jakarta and Banten took part in various competitions and matches from various sports including basketball, futsal, and electronic sports (e-sports).

“The participants will be given the opportunity to hone their skills and show their best potential. This will be a way to encourage Indonesia’s young generation to be more committed and disciplined, as well as being a forum for building character and a strong sense of nationality,” said a statement from HADAPI in an official release, recently.

HADAPI hopes that through this activity participants can learn to appreciate life principles such as hard work, perseverance, discipline, sportsmanship, team spirit, and have a sense of togetherness in healthy and fair competition, in line with the fighting spirit of the heroes.

In the spirit of Heroes’ Day 2023, the FACE Olympic Kemenpora Cup encourages participants and the public to reflect on the values of struggle and courage needed to achieve success, both in relation to sport and everyday life.

The HADAPI Olympics are also seen as an opportunity to recognize the role of heroes as role models for Indonesia’s young generation, because they remind them of fighting spirit, dedication and hard work in efforts to achieve achievements.

“This Olympics, in the spirit of Heroes’ Day, invites us to consider the noble principles instilled by heroes and apply them in everyday life,” continued the FACE statement.

At the 2023 Kemenpora Cup FACING Olympics, HADAPI presented a number of supporting parties, from the Minister of Youth and Sports Dito Ariotedjo and the Mayor of Tangerang, to KONI Tangerang and Perbasi.

Through the 2023 Kemenpora Cup FACING Olympics, Indonesia’s young generation is invited to show achievements in the field of sports, as well as commemorate the fighting spirit of the heroes who built the nation.

Source: CNN