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Water Hyacinth in Bengawan Solo Begins to be Cleaned, 1 Heavy Equipment Deployed

The phenomenon of water hyacinth covering the water surface along the banks of Bengawan Solo has finally been cleared. The cleaning process was carried out by BBWS Bengawan Solo and Perum Jasa Tirta 1.

The dredging process has been underway for a week. Hundreds of cubic meters of water hyacinth can be removed from Bengawan Solo using various heavy equipment, including excavators, amphibious mini excavators, shredding boats, motorboats, three dump trucks and approximately 14 cleaning personnel.

“We can’t confirm the tonnage yet. But we have managed to handle approximately two kilometers of the water hyacinth formation,” said Head of Water Services and Water Resources Sub Division 3-3 Rheyza Prakoso to detikJatim, Wednesday (8/11/2023) .

The 2 kilometer stretch of water hyacinth that was cleaned was around the Malo Bengawan Solo Bridge. Hundreds of cubic meters of water hyacinth that were removed were thrown onto Perhutani’s land, and some were asked by residents to fill their fields.

“We may be watching the rain in the upstream area. So we can’t be sure yet. Because after the nets installed by local residents were removed, the water hyacinth could flow towards the weir for us to flush. What is clear is that as long as the formation is still solid, God willing, the team will still be at the location,” ” he concluded.

“This (cleaning) is specifically for the Malo Bridge segment, not including what we managed to clear on the downstream side,” added Rheyza. He also couldn’t confirm how long and how long the cleaning process would take.

Previously, water hyacinth covered the Bengawan Solo River in Bojonegoro for almost a month. From its appearance, it is estimated that the water hyacinth has never been cleaned from the longest river on the island of Java.

From detikJatim monitoring, the water hyacinth stretches along the Bengawan Solo River for 10 kilometers. “It’s very long, there are 10 kilometers of water hyacinth on this river. The surface of the Bengawan Solo river is more beautiful because of the water hyacinth flowers,” said one of the residents on the riverbank, Hakim.

Source: Detik Jatim