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Siloam International Hospitals (SILO) Focuses on Expansion in Surabaya and Jakarta

PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk (SILO) continues to accelerate its expansion by adding new hospitals in a number of cities in the future.

Siloam International Hospitals Head of Public Relations and Media Relations Jimmy Rambing said that currently SILO is carrying out two new hospital projects in Surabaya, East Java. One of them is Siloam Hospitals New Gubeng Surabaya, which as of September 2023 has achieved development progress of around 20%.

Still in that city, SILO is also building a new hospital, namely Siloam Hospitals Manyar Surabaya. Jimmy did not mention the progress of the Siloam Hospitals Manyar Surabaya project, but stated that the hospital will have a capacity of 200 beds.

SILO’s new hospital projects in Surabaya will also have premium standards.

Apart from Surabaya, SILO is also processing the construction of a new hospital in Jakarta, specifically in Kemang. For this reason, SILO has purchased land there covering an area of 7,135 square meters with a value of IDR 306.8 billion.

The new SILO hospital in Jakarta has the potential to serve high-class international patients such as foreign nationals (WNA) who live in the area. “Our new hospital in Jakarta will have a capacity of 200 beds,” said Jimmy, Thursday (9/11).

This business expansion effort is in line with SILO Management’s commitment to adding 1 to 2 new hospitals every year. So far, SILO operates 41 hospitals in 23 provinces of Indonesia.

According to Kontan’s records, SILO provides capital expenditure (capex) in the range of IDR 800 billion to IDR 1 trillion in 2023. These capex funds are allocated for various hospital needs and services, including business expansion to increase the hospital network.

“Until September 2023, our capex realization will be around IDR 989 billion. These funds come from the company’s cash flow,” he said.

In terms of performance, as of the third quarter of 2023, SILO’s revenue grew 18.95% year on year (YoY) to IDR 8.24 trillion. At the same time, SILO’s net profit shot up 91.20% YoY to IDR 858.90 billion.

In order to continue this positive trend in financial performance, SILO focuses on providing the best service to patients through clinical programs with high complexity, such as cardiology and heart surgery, oncology, neurology, gastroenterology and orthopedic surgery.

“We will also continue to invest in developing Siloam’s digital capabilities to improve operational efficiency and patient experience,” he stressed.

Source: Kontan.Co.Id