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West Sulawesi Fastest in Reducing Extreme Poverty in Sulawesi Island

Acting Governor of West Sulawesi Zudan Arif Fakrulloh said his province is currently the fastest one in the Sulawesi Island in reducing extreme poverty rates.

“Based on data released by Statistics Indonesia (BPS) on November 9, 2023, West Sulawesi is the province on Sulawesi Island with the fastest extreme poverty reduction performance,” Fakrulloh said here on Sunday.

The extreme poverty rate in West Sulawesi decreased from 2.94 percent in March to 0.75 percent in March 2023, according to BPS data.

Fakrulloh praised the work carried out by the regional apparatus organization (OPD), especially the provincial government and district heads in six districts.

“We can handle the extreme poverty by providing subsidies, such as through the Family Hope Program, holding cheap markets, and (distributing) assistance obtained from the central, provincial, district, to village levels,” Zudan said.

Meanwhile, to tackle the unemployment rate, his side has held more labor-intensive programs for residents.

“We hold labor-intensive programs at the district and provincial levels, that is one of the ways to reduce poverty,” he said.

For the long-term solution, he encouraged people to find permanent jobs in agriculture, plantation, fisheries, and industry sectors, which are the province’s main economic sectors.

“People must be able to get used to working in agriculture, fishing, or freshwater fish cultivation. This is a long-term program to overcome extreme poverty,” Fakrulloh said.

Earlier, Fakrulloh encouraged maritime trade from Tanjung Silopo Port, Polewali Mandar District, West Sulawesi, to Lahad Datu Port, Malaysia, to boost trade and tourism sectors.

The trade lane is expected to facilitate the shipping of agricultural products and widen opportunities for cooperation between West Sulawesi and Malaysia.

Source: Antara News