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Thousands of Hindus Pray Together at Prambanan Temple for Palestine

Sympathy and prayers continue to flow for the Palestinian people from all over the world, including from Hindusin Indonesia. Thousands of Hindus were seen uniting in the courtyard of Prambanan TempleYogyakarta, to offer prayers and support to the Palestinian people.

Director General of Hindu Public Guidance I Nengah Duija said that this solidarity action is a form of Hindu concern over the events in Palestine that have claimed the lives of thousands of people.

“This joint prayer is certainly a form of solidarity and support from Hindus to the Palestinians. We, the Hindus, stand tall to support the independence and peace of the Palestinian people,” said Prof. I Nengah Duija, in the Prambanan Temple area, on Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

Duija said that the solidarity action organized by the Directorate General of Hindu Bimas was in line with the direction of the Minister of Religion (Menag) Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, who had previously issued a circular about solidarity actions and joint prayers for Palestine.

“The solidarity action for Palestine with joint prayers is following the direction of Gus Men (nickname of Minister of Religion Yaqut, ed) through a circular issued with No. SE. 12 Year 2023. The circular was addressed to Echelon I officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs,” he said.

Minister Yaqut, he said, has invited the big family of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and all religious communities to hold joint prayers and solidarity actions for the Palestinian people.

In addition to the thousands of Hindus who echoed the joint prayer on page 1 of the Prambanan Temple, the Directorate General of Hinduism Bimas also invited figures from other religions to read joint prayers for Palestine. After the Hindus prayed on page 1 of the Prambanan Temple, the interfaith leaders gathered at the Brahma Field of the Prambanan Temple to pray for the Palestinians in their way.

This joint interfaith prayer was also the opening agenda of the Directorate of Hindu Religious Affairs event, namely the Religious Literacy Festival and the Nusantara Religious Manuscript National Seminar which took place at Prambanan Temple on November 15-17, 2023.

“Hopefully the conflict that causes a humanitarian crisis in Palestine will end soon and peace for Palestinians can be achieved,” concluded Director General of Hindu Religious Affairs Prof. I Nengah Duija.